Looking Ahead to the New Year!

Article published at: Nov 21, 2020 Article author: Maria Easter
Looking Ahead to the New Year!
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Here at The Bell & Nook we are looking ahead to the start of a new year in 2021!

This year hasn't exactly gone to plan with the pandemic, however we are happy that you are here with us from the comfort of your own home! We are in the works of adding New Years inventory to our market. We want to help you bring in the new year with some fun décor and activities for you, your friends, and your family no matter where you are celebrating from! We recommend ringing in the New Year with our delicious wine slushy mixes! Mix them with Sprite, Ginger Ale, or Club Soda for a refreshing non-alcoholic beverage or for the adults we recommend adding champagne to our peach mango slushy mix for a delicious Peach Mango Bellini!

Cheers to 2021!